2 for 1

solo performance · brown hill productionz · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States of America

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June 28, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked the way the two shows were so different but also strangely complimented one another. The way they both used mixed-media was also very interesting and added a nice layer to shows that were already very original and unique in their design.

What I didn't like

It really felt like they set out to do their own thing and both seemed very confident in their execution. I think that is all that matters. I was thoroughly entertained and engaged from start to finish.

My overall impression

It was refreshing to feel challenged a bit while watching 2 for 1. Alyssa Virker’s avant-garde approach to her show was bold and took its time shaping the message that came together nicely by the end. Angela Beever’s show was unapologetically intimate and brave in a way that felt relatable even if you had not lost a parent under such brutal circumstances. Both women should be applauded for exposing themselves through their art in such a fearless and courageous way.

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