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The Joe & Joshua Show! (2018 Edition)

comedy · joe & joshua present... · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 16, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

The show really hits all cylinders when they go full speed with the verbal patter. The back and forth has perfect timing. Very impressive.

Moreover, while the show is structured as a series of comic bits, there is an overarching theme to the evening, so it holds together and has meaning beyond any one bit.

Just a note on one specific bit: I’m not one for bathroom humor, but there is one routine they do that is a tour de force of their talents that is not only funny but very, very human (battle of man vs machine and man vs age)

What I didn't like

Like any series of routines, some don’t hit the mark as sharply as others (but there are no down right dogs amongst the bits). Also, for my old ears, I think the music volume during the show could have been turned down, as well as the pre-show music. It’s a tiny space and such volume wasn’t necessary. Of the former, i.e. the pre-show music, it was so loud, it was really hard to hear the person next to me while waiting for the show to start.

My overall impression

A little rap, a little dance and a lot of comedy. These two guys have great timing and really work well (verbally) bouncing off of each other. This is the kind of show that really works in a Fringe festival. The only thing on stage are the two guys and some sound equipment.

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