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Review by anonymous

June 13, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: dance · emotional · drama · female cast · feminism

What I liked

I loved the unanswered questions and oddball language of the “commands” and rituals. The graceful, yet constrained movements of the actors were so moving to me – with no mirror but each other, this is what it would look like. The banality of the soundtrack becomes so affecting – it’s all they have, so a whole world has grown around it.

What I didn't like

I kept wishing I could see a little more of the sheet-room, not inside necessarily, but just a little more of the front side of it. This may have been a limitation of the space. This is minor, but the dark-haired actress’s costume was a little skimpy and I couldn’t tell if it was to explicitly place her in a more “adult” role compared to the other actress, or if she just needed to switch to more full coverage panties.

My overall impression

This is a totally original, haunting, and emotionally moving work. I’m still worried about the fate of the characters! The physicality of both actresses is so interesting and compelling. Loved that we got a peek into their process in the program as well. Highly recommended!

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