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“Lifegate” (the italian “Viviamoci”) – Roma Fringe Festival 2016 – Off Award

Written, directed and played
by Giorgia Mazzucato

Music by Roberto “Ominostanco” Vallicelli
Costume design by Irene Tortora
“La SITI” production

This is a monologue which weaves together the adventures of three different characters who seem to have nothing in common.
A young and brave woman, in love with a very first friend from grade school; a smart funny girl, whose dream is the world, outside her house and a naive, gullible good boy, who wants to become a mechanic, to follow in the footsteps of his old man.
Through their stories, we will experience the tastes of fear, happiness, love, pain and…life.
Lifegate is a comedian monologue with an unexpected twist that will lead us to get all life’s feelings.
The Noble Price Dario Fo called Lifegate “[a pièce] played by a great professionist, with a paradoxical, metaphysical, precise, incisive script”.

Giorgia Mazzucato is a 27 year old actress, writer and director.
She has a PhD in theatre and shakespearian work, and she’s a disciple of Dario Fo.
She is famous in Italy for her civil commitment in theatre which has brought her many important awards.
She writes, acts and produces a comedy web and tv serie with Maria Beatrice Alonzi, a digital artist and director pluri-awarded.
Together with Maria Beatrice Alonzi, digital artist and director pluri-awarded, she has co-founded SITI, the international school of improv and drama of which she’s headmaster, in Rome, which is also a theater production centre.
She invented the “MIT® Method” (, the first method, at the state of art, coded and patented who teaches to learn empathy through improv, how to develop freedom and creativity and improve artistic and life matters.



“[A pièce] played by a great professionist, with a paradoxical, metaphysical, precise, incisive script”
Dario Fo

“Giorgia Mazzucato is able, thanks to the authentic simplicity of her tale, to create mysterious connections between different lifes which are unexpectedly close. Men and women through Giorgia, that plays all the charachters, are traveling, meeting, leaving, drawing long slipstreams then let it fade away.. […] This is an ontological script, which encourages time to think; it deals with the profound theme of existence trough life, death, loss. With maturity, sensibility and delicate irony. “Lifegate” is a celebration of an explosive and fool "joie de vivre”.
- Recensito – (italian magazine)

“Showing yourself simple and smiling is the world’s supreme art” Esenin.
After “Lifegate”, performance by the young and talented Giorgia Mazzucato, this sentence found its confirmation.
– La Platea – (italian magazine)

“Lifegate” is a wander through the dozens shades of blue, an immersion, in life, that soaks your clothes, plunges our mouth with sweet and salty water, impregnates our bones with amazement and surprise.
[Giorgia] goes immediately beyond the looking glass, crossing the line between reality and fantasy, the door which divides these worlds: one primordial soup of life and beauty.
Shakemovies – (italian magazine)

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