The Interference

ensemble theatre · rogue machine in association with pepperdine scotland · Ages 14+ · United States of America

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June 06, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: rape · consent · Rae culture · News

What I liked

The sound design was impeccable and added so much – the ensemble was strong and I love they they stayed onstage watching the whole time – -another big element in the issue of sexual violence – everyone is watching but not everyone is doing anything…

What I didn't like

N/a – part of me wanted an extended version – a 2 hour show but I love the abrupt ending full of unresolved conflict – that’s exactly what the truth is and it’s refreshing to see that acknowledged.

My overall impression

A beautifully presented play and an important piece of theatre. Strong cast of 12 actors each perfectly suited for their role- most played their own ages, but a few of the young actors had to take on more adult roles and all handled their parts well!

The play was well written and seamlessly carried out with several impressive elements – the transitions were quick and the onstage sound design was lovely.

I’m not positive (and im
Curious to know if I’m at all right) but my guess was that the sound designer was supposed to represent the sounds being heard by Karen – she wore the same outfit as Karen and was the one to take the consent tape off her mouth… loved that element regardless…

From start to finish this took my breath away- it’s not so much that it breaks any mold or says anything that hasn’t been said – it’s that it takes all of these vital Pieces of information and molds them into an accessible story- one that will help audiences step into and empathize with these stories that are so common.

I tell my own story of an assault as a teen in my fringe solo show (The Magic school bus: a traumedy) and even with that being a central puzzle piece of info at the top of my mind this month, I completely lost my breath when the line came up in this story about how the police would be willing to give the perpetrator a “good scare”- a phrase pulled right out of my own police report experience and, I’m sure, so many other young women. The woman in front of me turned to her friends and said “this is so accurate” – I admire that this show took on the plain truths and also that it used the metaphor of sports to talk about this terrible issue that society, the media, universities, the government, and the justice system has effectively turned into a game. Well done.

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