Fire & Light

immersive theatre · firelight collective · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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June 10, 2017 original article

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“Does it ever strike you that life is just memory?”

As immersive theatre and its intoxicating brand of participatory performance art continues to grow in popularity (for the first time in the festival’s history the Hollywood Fringe has presented ‘Immersive’ as its own show category), audiences are being treated to a bevy of unique experiences from creators looking to immerse their patrons in something different.

Fire & Light, Stephanie Feury Studio’s Fringe-friendly bifurcation of their acclaimed Firelight, invites us to be immersed in something both surprisingly personal and bracingly new: the warm, complicated emotion of memory. The two pieces, when taken together, present something so generously intimate, so unabashedly poetic and introspective that audience members can’t help but be swept away, as we intrude upon these characters’ private worlds, and think back on our own loves, losses, joys, and wistful regrets.

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