Songs of the Fall

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Review by anonymous

June 19, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

the songs and the character Lucifer were well sung and cast accordingly.

What I didn't like

The staging and props seemed a little "clunky’… The part when Kate is creating the world and there is the piece of blue cloth (water) being wafted about in the background and the random fish that went flying, sort of took me off what Kate was saying… It might just have been yesterday’s performance though…

My overall impression

Interesting take on an old story, which seems to be often told from a legalistic angle. The perspective is seen more from Lucifer’s angle, and how “she/he/they/it” sees what took place in that infamous garden.
The “we” are a clever interpretation of God and all the loadedness that word encompasses, and their role seem to make “God” accessible as well.
Songs are powerful and haunting… “I created Death….” was decidedly telling… as well as the song when Adam and Eve first experience life outside of their world. Go see it.

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