Portraits: Icons Unveiled

solo performance · art of acting studio · Ages 10+ · United States of America

‘PORTRAITS’ is a collective made up of two one-woman shows that each explore the trials and triumphs of a particular woman from history. ‘Once Again to Z’ is the story of Zelda Fitzgerald portrayed by Sarah Wheeler, and “Just Lucy” is the story of Lucille Ball created by Lucy Green.

Zelda, the Queen of the Jazz Age, and Lucille, the Mother of Comedy, were both icons of the twentieth century. The world knows of these women and what they represent today, but very few truly know the women who existed behind their carefully crafted images. This show’s purpose is merely to tell the lesser known (and less glamorous) side of the stories of two powerful, resilient women.

This show is for the women who inspired it.
It is also for every woman with a dream, and a story to tell.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran