The Edge of the Universe: a Magic School Bus Musical Parody

musicals and operas · strive studios · Ages 18+ · United States of America

This story reunites us with the students of Walkerville Elementary that we all know and love, except they aren’t in elementary school anymore. Actually, we discover Arnold, Ralphie, Dorothy Ann and the rest of the students are in their last day of high school! They’re in the midst of celebrating and reflecting the past nine years when a familiar, but unexpected, face walks through their classroom door—that’s right, none other than their (and our) favorite teacher, Ms. Frizzle! She’s returned to tell the kids she’s brought her Magic School Bus out for one last adventure. They jet off into space to see the the planets, bounce around asteroids, and create new memories. But what’s supposed to be one final spin around the cosmos spirals out-of-control into a bewildering blitzkrieg of betrayals, revelations, and reversals—all before intermission!

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran