A Harmony Boys Christmas

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June 22, 2017 certified reviewer

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Thank you, Harmony Boys! What a refreshing piece of theatre!

We were laughing before the show even started between their program and the LP cover art in the lobby – proceeded to laugh throughout the entire show – and THEN they continued to make us laugh well through load-out. Who does that?!? Harmony Boys does that.

I am SO happy to have been introduced to these guys through the Fringe. Their show is inspired, hilarious, bold, silly, smart, nuanced and outside-the-box. Their writing is clever, their character work is strong, their choreography is on point and their harmonies are even tighter than I expected. This production goes above and beyond between the set, costumes, live band and overall polished execution. I could go on and on about how much I enjoyed and appreciated this show – the Harmony Boys are definitely on my radar now and I hope they continue to “Force-Feed the World” for years to come. A true standout at the Fringe this year. Shamen!

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