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Dead Air

immersive theatre · h&h design experience · Ages 16+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States of America

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June 26, 2017 original article

What I liked

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What I didn't like

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My overall impression

Maybe somewhere, it had originally meant to be an immersive experience, but this final product was not. If this project moves forward, maybe the end goal will be an adventure the audience can interact with, a journey they can influence. There are plenty of questions to ask like: Will the audience solve the problem? Can the problem be solved? Should it? Who lives here now? What is this new post-apocalyptic world?

However, through all the noise and the death, Jonathan Nation shines as Stanley; fully committing to his role. Wholeheartedly, Nation takes this character’s emotional plight and shares it with the audience. As Stanley continues to collect air, Nation’s unkempt face pleads with the sightless force, “It’s going to happen.” No one took him seriously, extinction is imminent. The winter arrived. His powerlessness is its own presence on the stage.

But finally, even Nation’s commitment to the part is not enough for me. Without engaging me in either the how or immersing me in the experience, Dead Air is a deflated experience.

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