The Girl Who Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign

Solo Show · hartstone-kitney productions and black box live: from australia · Ages 12+ · Australia

one person show

An aspiring actress, Evie Edwards, clutches the sides of the Hollywood sign. Looking out over the lights of Los Angeles and the movie studios that produced her nightmare, Evie charts a path through Hollywood’s forgotten histories to decide her fate. She has only ever wanted one thing: to be a STAR.

A solo-play with music about the quest for fame, including songs composed for Hollywood’s greatest stars – Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow and more…

Written & Performed by Joanne Hartstone
Designed by Tom Kitney
Original Direction by Vince Fusco

WINNER of the inaugural ‘Made In Adelaide’ Award – Adelaide Fringe 2017
WINNER of the Holden Street Theatre Award – Adelaide Fringe 2017
WINNER of the Producers’ Encore Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017
WINNER of the TVolution Platinum Medal – Hollywood Fringe 2017
WINNER of Combined Artist & Fringe Management ‘Pick Of The Fringe’ – Hollywood Fringe 2017
WINNER of Better Lemon’s Critics Choice Awards – Hollywood Fringe 2017
WINNER of the TVolution Best Solo Show (Female) Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017
NOMINEE for Best Female Performance (Professional) ATG Curtain Call Award – 2017
NOMINEE of the Best International Production Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017
NOMINEE of the Distinctive Voices Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017 (sponsored by 2Cents Theatre Group)
NOMINEE of the Soaring Solo Artist Award – Hollywood Fringe 2017 (sponsored by Soaring Solo LLC & Whitefire Theatre)
NOMINEE of the Larry Cornwall Award for best use of music in a non-musical show – Hollywood Fringe 2017 (sponsored by Shout It Out Promotions LLC)
NOMINEE for Best Musical Theatre/Cabaret – Sydney Fringe 2019
Critics Choice Award –

★★★★★ “Like her character creation, Adelaide actor Joanne Hartstone possesses no shortage of talent — and it’s all on display here in her writing, singing and even occasional dancing. How she — like poor Evie — is not an international household name defies belief. But Hartstone has carved her own successful niche by writing and performing elegantly crafted, socially relevant original material such as this show. It’s a fascinating look at the mechanisms behind the golden era of the silver screen, as well as the impact of the Great Depression, and one which entertains while managing to draw even more parallels with today’s Hollywood in the wake of the #MeToo movement.” (The Advertiser)

★★★★★ “An enthralling and touching piece of theatre; masterfully written and performed.” (The Clothesline)

“The show is a hit parade of the 1940s and Hartstone sings each and every one with flair. Close your eyes and it could be Garland.” (Stage Whispers)

★★★★½ “[Hartstone’s] performance is outstanding” (Adelaide Theatre Guide)

“A one of a kind show… Hartstone’s contralto vocals make you think of a young Judy Garland” (Broadway World)

★★★★ “A play about the typical quest for fame countless people have over the decades. Some may have heard whispers of past movie scandals, which this show deliciously serves up… Filled with a smattering of gossip of fallen idols and dubious industry practices, it’s hardly a rosy picture of L.A.’s most famous allure. But within them hide morality tales of wanting something so desperately that it ultimately can destroy you” (Glam Adelaide)

“Hartstone is superb as Evie, presenting a completely believable character who captivates the audience with her story. It doesn’t stop there, though, as Hartstone also reveals her considerable talents as a singer, and even impresses with her skills in dance. It is easy to see why she has been the recipient of numerous awards, both local and international, and more are sure to follow. The big question is why one of the film studios hasn’t offered her a contract. Their talent scouts are, clearly, not what they were.” (Broadway World)

“Be magically transported into Hartstone’s faraway world of Hollywood at its ruthless fairy-story height” (Barefoot Review)

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