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June 20, 2017 http://www.myhauntlife.com original article
tagged as: Sarcasm · Dark Comedy · timely

What I liked

This comedy feels way, waaaayyyy too timely for comfort. A strong cast brings to life the machinations of a firm that promises to fix any crisis you or your company might have. The premise may sound dry or vaguely political, and some of that does come out in the show. However, to me, this is scary comedy. The willingness of the characters to use manipulation of image, social media and those pesky things called facts is truly harrowing. The show is at its best when that type of verbal warfare heats up and the characters can lash out to destroy or hide behind bureaucratic firewalls of verbiage and avoidance. Wow. I laughed but I cringed and had the urge to change all my social media passwords immediately after seeing this.

What I didn't like

The overall tone of the piece is inconsistent. One supporting character delivers a very funny over-the-top comic performance, another character gets comedy from an almost droll, realistic portrayal. At times bombastic, at times subtle, it seems like the show was not exactly sure what tone it wanted to take… realistic biting comedy or broader parody.

My overall impression

Exploring timely subject matter with a wicked sense of humor and some biting social commentary, there is fun to be had here.

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