A Void

kirsten kearse · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 12, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Incredibly strong piece— brilliantly written and performed by a top notch cast. Swings between comedy and pathos fluidly, taking the audience along for the ride. Kearse has a completely unique voice and writes the surreal and realistic with equal brilliance— although it was a strange setting and certain elements of the story were intentionally cartoonish, there always remained a profound, real emotional grounding that made the more serious moments hit hard. Her direction served the script wonderfully, maintaining a steady but unrushed pace, allowing her excellent cast to shine in moments of comic and dramatic virtuosity. Mary Holland as Rita in particular was marvelous— she was the perfect self-centered sister type and played the comedy with effortless brilliance, which made me even more struck by her rare moments of vulnerability— without spoiling anything, she has a certain monologic moment that had me in tears.

What I didn't like

Seriously nothing— even the set was awesome (it does NOT look like a Fringe show!)

My overall impression

A cryogenically themed “A Doll’s House” that uses a surreal setting to explore domestic malaise, depression and feminine identity while being, for the most part, absolutely hilarious. Quirky, at points silly, at points disturbing, at points profoundly moving— a combination I found irresistible. Effing GENIUS. I laughed a lot, I cried a little, and it all took place in under an hour. Find your way over to Formosa and get in while you can: Do not miss this show!

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