A Void

kirsten kearse · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 05, 2017
IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify this reviewer attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website or the producer has not verified they attended.

What I liked

-Perfect length
-Elephant in the room
-Discovery moments


What I didn't like

-Was too quiet at times.

-A couple of the arm rests fell off the seats and also the cup holder holes within them have no bottom built in, so don’t drop your beer right through. Solo cups wouldn’t fall through (note to concessions), but a bottle of beer definitely does… :\

My overall impression

I loved the interlacing of surrealism and dark comedy. It was superbly written and delightfully executed. I was so invested in the sibling banter and gripping subject matter that I found myself making involuntary audible discovery sounds upon comprehending the subtext. The perfectly cast actors have great chemistry that makes the relationship relatable and real. The subject matter was dark but presented with a delicate and subtle humor.

Great job everyone and thanks for the wonderful evening!

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