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Review by anonymous

June 25, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: politics · Trump · humor

What I liked

Great job by the actors and playwright in capturing the subtleties of Trump and Obama’s mannerisms and way of speaking without going into parody. A good eye for detail on little things like the length of Trump’s tie and giant flag pin.

I enjoyed how the humor came from differences on policy details more often than turning to easy, meaningless jokes.

Some very tense serious moments when one or the other got angry.

What I didn't like

Because it wasn’t overtly played for laughs, it felt like it dragged a little in some spots and might not need to be as long as it was.

The ending number, although entertaining and well performed felt a little tacked on.

It felt very one sided. Much of that is unavoidable given the temperaments of the two characters, but having Trump score points on a couple things, for instance the mistakes the Democrats made in running their campaign or that he was their preferred candidate to run against, might add a little depth.

My overall impression

A well-written play that avoids the low bar of turning Trump into just a punching bag for feel-good jokes and instead tries to accurately depict how the meeting might have gone down and lets the humor arise from a realistic depiction of Trump’s outrageous personality. While a farce might have been more entertaining, this approach has much more value.

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