solo performance · lean dog mean dog productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 13, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: passion · the man!

What I liked

I’m an Ernest Kearney fan.

What I didn't like

too short. i saw it during the preview but i wanted more. he seemed slightly unsure because his costume (mainly his fake belly pillow) seemed to have been a problem, but he could have ripped it out mid show and no one would have given a ….
I can only imagine that minor glitch was fixed… because as an Ernest Kearney fan, that man’s got shit to SAY! and no pillow or technical glitch is going to get in the way of his need to share about the subjects that fascinate him. So I guess what I’m saying is fuck the fake pillow!

My overall impression

Ernest is a passionate writer/performer, and I always leave his shows smarter and more ‘aware’ than when I entered. He is likable, lovable, earnest, and he always cares about his subjects so much that love just spills into the audience. His shows are always such a treat. Hmmm… now that I think about it, I probably ought to see it a second time.

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