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one person show world premiere

“Summerfruit”, a one person show written and performed by Lynda La Rose, is about a young girl in Midtown L.A. ripening into a woman through various summers of her life – this tale is told in the language of poetry/spoken word. She looks for love in family, her neighborhood, food, men, sexuality, the muse and apricots—can she find what she’s seeking or will it be a fruitless journey??? Do you need to conform to society’s ideals (a certain way of being black, being female, being American…) to make it in life, or can you reinvent life on your own terms, and what’s the price?

Lynda La Rose is a poet/performance artist who has been writing poetry since 1993. she has been published in several poetry anthologies including “I Love Your Poetry, What?!?!”, “Listen to Me: Shared Secrets From WriteGirl”, San Gabriel Poetry Calendar, and the City Of Los Angeles African American Heritage Month Cultural Affairs Guide for 2011, 2012 and 2013. In 2007 she wrote, performed and produced “Summerfruit”, a one-woman show; the show is currently a work in progress. Lynda’s writing is based on her own personal experiences and is a continuation of her journey. She is a member of the Walking Theatre Workshop at The Electric Lodge in Venice, CA.

Summerfruit is directed by SKY Palkowitz (SAG-AFTRA-AEA), Avant-Garde Multimedia Performance Artist, Actor, Musician, Filmmaker, Educator and Character Illusionist whose solo shows include "Alien Rhoda”, “Delusional Diva: Cheese For Thought”, “Synapse Hysteria”, “Delusional Diva: How Did I Get Here?”, “Alien Love: a Multimedia Happening in 3 places” (under the direction of Rachel Rosenthal), and most recently, her off-Broadway premiere of “Calling America: Don’t Hang Up!!”, where SKY played 50 characters in 90 minutes. She is a board member of the Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival, and works in television, film, internet and theatre, and has been teaching and directing for over 25 years. More info at

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