solo performance · loyd j. schwartz · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere
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June 07, 2017
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tagged as: energetic · educational · exciting

What I liked

What really took me by SUPRISE was the tremendous energy and action in a one man show called “An Evening with John Wilkes Booth” it was unexpected but thoroughly enjoyed. I have a lot of respect for any actor putting himself out there for over an hour in a one man show, but Stephen’s ability to act out the character’s and his many looks and vocal abilities along with the action he provides ! Turns this evening conversational show into to something you can’t take your eyes and ears off .

What I didn't like

I’m sitting here thinking back to the show and find there really was nothing about the show I did not like. I mean I had preconceived ideas of a long one man conversation show and was actually shocked that in fact it was almost 90 min and was over.
I would love better AC

My overall impression

The energy and charismatic nature of Stephen Spiegel , his ability to perform and play off the audience while telling the assassins side of our beloved president Lincoln’s murder , was unbelievable ! At one point he looked at me and says “you sir…” and it was a question in the show, but I was caught up in it all and almost answered ! That’s what you get here and to me that’s very very impressive . I tip my hat to all the people involved with my respect to the writers for an awesome Evening with John Wilkes Booth !

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