Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

ensemble theatre · the lake arrowhead repertory theatre company · Ages 10+ · United States of America

world premiere
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July 11, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

I liked how all the stories meshed together. They all had their own timeline and moved along as the play went on. I liked how vivid and emotional the stories were. Some were more lighthearted than others but they were all creatively brought to life. I also loved how supporting every person on stage was of one another as they shared some very painful memories from their past. It felt very therapeutic.

What I didn't like

I wanted to hear more stories, I was so indulged in each story that it was sad to see it end. My only note would be that I didn’t think the dark breaks were necessary. The movements on stage sometimes felt unnatural and I felt there were too many cast members on such a small stage. I was impressed at how everyone was able to remember their cues and know where they left off in their story. I think it would flow even better with less people up there but all with powerful stories. Overall it was a great show. Congratulations!!

My overall impression

It was a beautiful and unique production. It was poetry in motion unlike anything I’ve seen before. Each cast member had a story to tell and it wasn’t any story it was their own. A wonderful work of non-fiction assembled together to create a whole play with very heartfelt stories.

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