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June 22, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: dance · soulmates · pathos · touching · family-friendly

What I liked

Really impressive use of the “threads,” which went in and out of dramatic scenes, were followed, broke, etc— from preshow on, it was fun to trace the colors and lines to try and make up your own stories about the partners and their connections. The dancers are phenomenal and expressive— incredible nonverbal conveyance of the story.

What I didn't like

This is totally just my personal preference, but the dance and spoken parts were separate, and I found myself wondering when we’d hear the stories of the dance couples out loud. But then again, some of them I completely preferred nonverbal because they were so beautiful as is (of course, the old couple other people have mentioned spoke volumes and would probably only have been watered down with words….) So actually… maybe never mind!

My overall impression

A touching, family-friendly exploration of the concept of destiny and connection, Stringmates uses the extended metaphor of actual thread connecting “soulmates” in choreographed dance and dramatic scenes. At times funny, and very often poignant, this show creatively examines what a soulmate truly is— perhaps romantic, but perhaps simply deep friendship, or deep, meaning-giving inspiration. Beautifully written and executed, and with no “language” or overly sexual scenes, it’s a perfect Fringe option if you have a younger audience member you want to introduce to theatricality, or if you have a more conservative relative in town.

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