robot teammate · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly world premiere
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Review by DAN SIMON

June 10, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: delightful · hilarious · moving · new · original

What I liked

DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW! Robot Teammate has created their best musical ever! (And their last two were amazing). The plot, the character development, the music and the humor are all on point! Each member of the cast is charming and hilarious!

What I didn't like

I have to stretch to find anything I didn’t love! But, for some reason I had trouble hearing the lyrics to the opening song (which sucked because Robot’s lyrics are always delightful).

My overall impression

This group is amazingly talented and they clearly collaborate beautifully. This show had a gripping plot, with each character developing over the course of 55 minutes! And their musical talent is off the charts. Every song was funny, moving, catchy, and/or beautiful.

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