comedy · samovar subway ensemble · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 10, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Thanksgiving was sooooo good !!! Having been to my first Hollywood play, was an eye opening experience to the world of theatre. I really enjoyed watching this cast turn into character and really outdo themselves with such immaculate performance. It was almost as if I was really there. The acting was so good, that it was believable. I really enjoyed how the story was written (2 thumbs way up, Tiffany!!) and uncensored because it really captured my emotions and attention. I also really liked the lesson behind the story, how even though through dysfunctional circumstances, a national Holiday can bring family and friends together and can somehow settle differences.

What I didn't like

If I said I didn’t like 1 second of Thanksgiving, I’d be lying 🤥

My overall impression

Very well thought out story and smart. Just simply GENIUS! Very fun choice of cast members and if I could make it to each viewing and recommend to as many people as possible, I will! My favorite character in the play was Asia Lynn Pitts , playing the sassy & straightforward yet intellectual / and very well spoken role of Starr , had me cracking up the entire time and anticipating the rest of the show the entire way through. That girl is really going places. I had to pull her after the show , and mention to her how I felt I was spectating an A-list actress in the making first hand !!

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