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Hey Hollywood, My Hustle Has ADHD

solo performance · rasika mathur · Ages 17+ · family friendly · one person show · United States of America

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June 21, 2017
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What I liked

Rasika is amazing at voices— her little sea turtle character that gave the show a solid backbone of structure was so damn endearing. I also liked how she threw the audience into her show (with scripts!) giving it a liveliness and spontaneity that guarantees it will always be new and unexpected, night after night. Also, she really speaks to the whole audience with such candor and sincerity it’s like she’s having a personal tete-a-tete with each person there (and she does, actually, do her best to speak to people individually at certain points, which really gets everyone engaged)

What I didn't like

I know she’s still developing the show, but I found it to be incredibly full and more polished than perhaps even Rasika realizes, a testament to her power as a performer. The only thing I would perhaps change would be the title of the show— I feel like there’s something that will capture its essence a little better… maybe!

My overall impression

This show has every reason to not work and yet it does, wonderfully. It’s chaotic and in a constant state of revision, as Rasika publicly confesses early on in the piece, and yet in spite of this seeming chaos, the piece moves smoothly and with brave confidence. Partially, this is because, as a piece about ADHD, the seeming disorder offers an illustration of Rasika’s inner life, but even more importantly, the piece is carried by Rasika’s incredible energy. As a seasoned performer and improviser, Rasika is comfortable in every situation, and makes the audience comfortable with her controlled (?) chaos as well. We are constantly moving with her from story to story, character to character, and she always keeps us on her same page, and never makes us nervous or uncomfortable. It’s an incredibly challenging thing, to present a show of disorder without it actually going off the rails, and Rasika pulls this off brilliantly, on her own terms, in her own way. I loved it, and highly recommend it for anyone looking for something entertaining and enlightening— you might learn something about yourself or someone you love who could also have been living undiagnosed with ADHD.

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WHOAH! LOOKS GOOD! Seriously. #Seriously

From 2x winners of Best of Fringe! Boxing Your Demons: Like if David Lynch became a health/fitness influencer and made an immersive theatre show about cognitive dissonance. Cute workout clothes and chakra crystals recommended. #gratitude


A show beyond this reality? A one-man cabaret about never, EVER fitting in. Told through four days in the 90's. Described as, "Reinventing the form," "amateur," "musically outstanding," "a waste of time," "earnest, heartbreaking, & real."