Robert De Niro Is Older Than Me

comedy · sy rosen - writer/producer · Ages 12+ · family friendly · United States of America

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June 04, 2017 certified reviewer

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In his laugh-out-loud hilarious Robert De Niro Is Older Than Me, Sy Rosen, a prolific and highly-respected television writer, producer, and series’ creator, layers his work with an undercurrent of heart and poignancy, which ultimately makes the evening all the more satisfying. And though recounting, with great humor, specific episodes from his own life – all presented as self-contained “chapters”, complete with flawless musical choices as lead-ins, visual aids, and two extraordinarily malleable and versatile co-stars, Deborah Geffner (who also directs the piece) and Robert Romanus, both of whom inhabit a multitude of characters in Sy’s remembrances – the very specificity of the stories are skillfully rendered universal and relatable to all. Covering a wide variety of experiences and subjects, with overarching themes of the “joys” (resignment?) and annoyances of aging, in general – and in Hollywood, in particular – the inclusion of a sprinkling throughout of stories relating to Sy’s mother ultimately sideswipes the audience with its honesty and emotion.

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