Jack the Rippers Mistress

ensemble theatre · cynthia asmar · United States of America

world premiere
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June 16, 2017 http://www.myhauntlife.com original article
tagged as: Jack the Ripper · drama · History

What I liked

Loved the fact they are playing with familiar mythology and twisting it a bit! Definitely worth seeing.

What I didn't like

The basic is not totally original, but when they start playing with the Ripper timeline and legend, it pulls the focus away from the opening cliche set-up. So it lessens the issue.

My overall impression

I found this fascinating! Using the conceit that Jack the Ripper and his mistress are immortal, this story follows them through decades of cat and mouse shenanigans. Minor flaw with the piece is since it becomes a tale of obsession, it is difficult to sympathize with a woman who keeps making the same bad decision over and over again. I admire the fact that this is actually addressed inside the piece itself and discussed openly. I did thoroughly enjoy watching the journey and think this is an original, fascinating tale!

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