The Fabulous Fables of Aesop

musicals and operas · showorks entertainment · Ages 5+ · South Africa

family friendly
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June 11, 2017
IMPORTANT NOTE: We cannot certify this reviewer attended a performances of this show because no ticket was purchased through this website or the producer has not verified they attended.

What I liked

This witty very slick production is not just for the children. It is a multi layered piece of writing depicting moral tales as originally told by the Greek slave Aesop and now gained iconic status with their adaption through the centuries for all cultures. Related by four " struggling actors " in a tatty touring company, they sort out their squabbles through the enactment of the Fables, adopting the characters of the “Peacock and the Crow”, the wily Fox and the “Wolf and the Mouse” etc
The production is slick and charming with an excellent script and original music.
The cast of four perform a wide variety of roles and a very funny script with great expertise and aplomb.
An excellent show for the whole family and a wonderful way of introducing children to live performance – grab your seats

What I didn't like

A colorful show with inventive sets and costumes. Nothing I didn’t like

My overall impression

Slick, witty with a multi- talented cast. Great music and fun for the whole family. Take the kids and borrow as many as you can !

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