The Fabulous Fables of Aesop

musicals and operas · showorks entertainment · Ages 5+ · South Africa

family friendly
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June 10, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Wholly committed, fearless, and talented actors.
Smart design which made each scene and character both distinct and recognizable enough for the children in the audience.

What I didn't like

The show takes a tad long to get going due to an unnecessary narrative regarding the performers “characters” outside of the fables. Moreover, it hit the climax and then went on for one short scene longer than was necessary, also due to the forced narrative which may or may not add anything for you or your kids. Nevertheless, it is only a few minutes worth of the show and I saw no squirming bodies nor unattentive eyes.

My overall impression

Bring the kids! You will be glad you did. There are so few shows here at the Fringe that one can really bring the whole family to, and this is likely the very best offering you’ll see. Coming from a sellout run in Santa Monica, I worry this little gem might be overlooked in the sea of the Fringe. However, this is a wonderful example of precisely what the Fringe is for. You might be a bit curious as the show gets going, but it quickly hits its stride as they enter the first telling of several fables, each with an adorable moral value, and each performed with unabashed commitment necessary for children’s theatre. As I said, this show thrives on having children in the audience. The few that were there today leapt straight in, responding to the actors and bringing the whole experience to life. I guarantee it will be worth the ticket price.

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