Buffy Kills Edward: A Musical Romp

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world premiere
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June 06, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: fun · catchy · catchy songs · parody · funny

What I liked

I’ve worked with Laura Wiley before on an original Game of Thrones parody at last Hollywood Fringe Festival. Working with her as a writer, I knew EXACTLY what kind of humor to expect. It’s ridiculous puns, sexual innuendos, and groaners left and right. Which I am a sucker for!

I know nothing about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I try to stay away from Twilight as much as humanly possible. This did not impact my enjoyment of the show as much as I thought it would. Of course there are references that went over my head (that die hard #TeamEdward fans would have cackled at), but I really enjoyed the performance!

That opening musical number is a definite highlight of the show! The choreography is hilariously effective.

Cory Robison and Corinne Mestemacher stole the show with their characters. Sherry Berg blew me away with her opening performance! 10/10 on the American Pie reference! By far my favorite line in the whole show! I adored the nods to Mortal Kombat as well.

What I didn't like

There are some inconsistencies with the script, mostly some loose ends that aren’t wrapped up completely. Some portions of the show I didn’t fully understand the joke or song, but I figure that it would have had a better effect if I had a better understanding of Twilight/Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

My overall impression

The music is catchy, the lyrics are ridiculous, and the actors are having a blast. Have a drink, sit back, and enjoy the musical mayhem as the body count rises! Even if you have never seen Buffy/Twilight, you will enjoy yourself!

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