musicals and operas · grabby productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States of America

METALHEAD: a folk rock musical about robots and the human people who hate them.

When Bot terrorists attack the compound where she lives and goes to school, Jaz discovers that she’s been imbued with a mysterious special power to kill a Bot with little more than a touch. The Bot Killer skyrockets to fame, right in the middle of the United States Presidential Campaign of 2116.

production team

abby debolt *

producer - "media"

bernardo cubría *

producer - director

amy thorstenson *

keyboardist - violinist

cindy godell *

"dr. awesome", "mason", "boltie", "bot vicious", "molotok"

hannah alcorn *

"cosmetic-bot", "docent", "trina", "sickle"

* Fringe Veteran