The Birthing Pit

a gothic romance · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 20, 2017 original article
tagged as: romance · tragedy · gothic · Horror

What I liked

This is the tale of a couple that is truly in love. Tragically, in order to protect each other from any form of discomfort, they make some terrible decisions that destroy the life they think they are building together.

This is a sad tale of romance and loss, for sure, but as it unfolds it played more like a mystery for me – at times – I found myself consistently surprised by the fascinating revelations as characters uncovered more about each other’s motivations.

You witness people deceiving each other for love… but dishonesty can lead to heartbreak. The show careens between tense relationship drama, unapologetic romance, and a disturbing tale of horror. The final moments of the show center on a decision born from love, but truly disturbing to witness.

What I didn't like

Volume levels were an issue at the performance I saw, which detracted from enjoying certain scenes. Also, this is a show that I would love to have seen in a more intimate feeling venue. The love story is strong, so it felt a bit lost on a mostly empty stage under bright lights. A more mysterious tone would have helped the tale.

My overall impression

A sad tale of romance during the revolutionary war, an unfolding web of secrets turns this tale of romance into a disturbing and horrific reflection on love.

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