The Birthing Pit

a gothic romance · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 10, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The haunting and lyric arc of the story. The beautiful use of color and sound to create distinct geography for the show. A strong, sweet and committed duo onstage. An exceptional use of minimalism with an eye for detail on what truly mattered.

The unspoken, movement based recounting of their youth together was quite moving.

What I didn't like

The beginning felt a bit dialogue heavy, and a bit of a slow starter.

An excellent use of language, but borders on too verbose at times.

My overall impression

A touching, beautiful to watch piece. Refreshing to see such a small yet vastly ambitious (American Revolution… for the Fringe?) play that, to me, is a real stand out for the Fringe.

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