Doctor Faustus

knights of allentown west · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 15, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

I love this cast! They work extremely well as an ensemble, allowing each other to shine in varying moments. My favorite scenes always involved interesting dynamics, such as when Emma Pauly’s Mephistopheles seduces Brando Cutts’ adorably infallible Doctor Faustus, or when Amy Paloma Welch need only send a strong, silent glare at Gerardo Macias who easily withers as he tries to hold on to the good left in any of them. But my absolute favorite scene is between Emily Hansen’s Friar and Rachel Speth’s Pope—these two work so well off of each other, and the comedic genius of both women clearly shows. They all just look like they’re having so much fun with the dialogue of the time period, that it actually keeps it watchable for non-lit geniuses like myself!

What I didn't like

All songs are poignant given this translation wants to have a Punk flavor. I say bump up the volume on all your transitions like that closing number, to really send us all to Hell!

My overall impression

I loved it and Brando Cutts is really flavorful as Doctor Faustus. The Marlowe/Shakespeare literature is hard to follow for some of us, but when speeches are enlivened with the kind of attitude, humor and moments of humanity such as those delivered by Pauly and Cutts, one has zero trouble deciphering what is going down. Thank you, be proud Ken Knight , want to see it again AT MIDNIGHT!

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