Doctor Faustus

knights of allentown west · Ages 16+ · United States of America

The hell-bent Dr. Faustus embraces Lucifer to gain knowledge, power, and a personal demon at the price of his soul. While the angels entreat him to re-think his pact, the childish doctor doesn’t seem to value order, prosperity, or even himself as much as he does his vanity and whimsy. Marlowe’s work with a punk tint examines the subversive nature of man against his own salvation.

Production Team

emma pauly *


emily hansen *

valdez / friar / helen of troy

amy paloma welch *

evil angel / scholar / vinter / costumer

gerardo macias *

lucifer / good angel / emperor / scholar

fernando negron *

stage manager

rachel speth *

pope / cornelius

* Fringe Veteran