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family friendly world premiere

Middleschoolandia is an irreverent NEW musical comedy featuring actual middle schoolers.

Written by LOST actor and Juilliard shortlister Victoria Goring, and Carson Goring-age 12.

With songs such as “I’m only Twelve” and “The Profanity Song”, Middleschoolandia is relentlessly hilarious, proving the impossibility of making it through Middleschoolandia unscathed.

A hilarious satire on the tragedy of our school system.

Warning: Based on actual events, Middleschoolandia contains content unsuitable for…most.

100% Live and acoustic music, original score by Faraz Azemamdoust and Sara Broshofske, and featuring Yoshie Nakayama on Trombone.

Carson Goring

Wild Teens:
Carlos R Chavez
Amsara Holly
Nikki Lewis

Hamid Janguard
Ralph Meyer
Letia Solomon

Teens: (Actual Middleschoolers)
Jacob Accorada
Lily Hightower
Kai Johnson
Veronica McFarlane
Cheyenne Rimando
Jacob Smith
Lilly Mae Stewart

Stage Manager Leone Aeryk
Choreography by Sonja Henning

FILM THE MEDIA PERFORMANCE: We are allowing the show to be filmed on June 11. Filmmakers cannot use external light sources, and must sit or stand in back row of theater. First come, first served.

Middleschoolandia is an irreverent musical comedy performed largely by actual middle schoolers. These young people, filled with hormones and hope, are thrust into a frightening world of “education”. As they learn to navigate the complexities and hypocrisies of middle school. Overwhelmed teachers, overpowering hormones, and a crippling weight in backpacks all contribute to the hilarious journey of Middleschoolandia.

Learn More at middleschoolandia.com

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran