ensemble theatre · luciani's absolute theater · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity world premiere
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June 25, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: performance art

What I liked

I enjoyed how the performance “forced” you to get out of your comfort zone in order to understand what’s being told. The actors were strongly connected and worked well together. I personally enjoyed the explanatory moments. These were strong moments of clarity for the audience as to what the performance really was about. Very helpful as the actors raised attention to a variety of topics. Both performers had a strong physical presence on stage and an engaging choreography.

I enjoyed seeing the cloth at the end. It contained marks from previous performances, a collage of the journey made by both.

I applaud both performers. It takes courage to tell a story, this authentic and real.

What I didn't like

We were offered food during the performance, to my understanding this was done in order for us to have our sense of taste triggered. My questions then; why not have the sage burn or the frankincense? So we could smell and have indeed all of our senses involved. In such an intimate theater, there’s nothing more wonderful than being fully absorbed by the performance.

The accent of the lead performer was quite strong and made me miss bits and pieces of what was being told. I wanted to hear more of the second performer as his vocal presence was minimal.

My overall impression

DEBAUCHERS is an experimental performance that juggles with a lot of different topics, it triggers you, makes you feel uncomfortable and forces you to get out of your comfort zone.

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