Jon Armstrong: Comic Amazement

cabaret & variety · jon armstrong inc · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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June 04, 2017
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tagged as: comedy · magic · comedian · magician · jokes

What I liked

First and foremost, Jon Armstrong was an extremely proficient magician. He had a fare share of acts unique to him, and some of his acts spread through the entire show and paid off even bigger in the end. For example, he add a few numerical magic acts of folks thinking of numbers, calculating those numbers, and that number appearing on his white board, on a piece of currency, and later revealed to be a secret word an audience member was thinking of.

Armstrong also had some funny comedy to pepper his acts as well, with a touch of self depreciating humour thrown in.

What I didn't like

Unfortunately, with a smaller audience for this particular showing, I don’t think there was enough audience energy. While the folks where were there were really into the show, the venue was maybe 1/4 full, which was kind of sad to see, since the act was really good. I think a bigger audience would’ve given a bigger crowd for Armstrong to play off of.

My overall impression

The comedy took second seat to the magic, which was really amazing and the highlight of the show. Armstrong has some awesome acts he pulls off. I had a lot of fun watching him perform.

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