Comic-Con the Musical

musicals and operas · laura watkins & nicholas david brandt · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 05, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: fun · entertaining · original · witty · musical · parody · great show

What I liked

Cast, music, and writing were all on point!
The creators did a wonderful job transporting the audience into this world of geek comedy, SoCal’s Comic-Con!
Surprised this setting has not been mined already, as it is a perfect backdrop for entertaining tales and song!
Highlights for me include the “douchebag” DB Coates, the overworked/under-appreciated Assistant, the Flarg, the DM, and the lead trio of Con attendees, Anna, Jason, and Drew. As well as an exceptionally strong ensemble. Also, shout out to the piano accompanist! Great chemistry with all!
You can see how the creators might envision expanding creative elements for future productions (possibly Broadway?) with aerial acts, cameos, original comic graphics around stage, audience participation, unending possibilities.
There’s a great big show in this small production!

What I didn't like

Thought the room was difficult for sound.
Think some of the performers may be able to project more to overcome some of the issues within the room. But would be nice if the acoustics were addressed.
Also, no bathroom in second stage, it needs one.

My overall impression

Terrific time at the theater! Thanks Fringe and Comic-Con the Musical!
Had the fortune of seeing this gem of a musical during previews.
An entertaining evening featuring a superb cast that looks like they are having a ball embodying this unique world of dreamers! That fun-filled energy leaps across to an audience who is transported into the Comic-Con universe all the while enjoying well written stories and songs such as #Hashtag and Douchebag. Numbers that you’re still humming once the show is over!
Definitely recommend!

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