Sex Anyone

musicals and operas · integrita theatrical · Ages 13+ · world premiere · France

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Review by anonymous

June 20, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The music seemed solid, and some of the actors had nice voices. I would also say that, overall, the women fared better than the men. Overall, the music and the show have potential, but this production needs to pull out of performing, and go rehearse until they have a show (and lead actor) that’s functioning on the most basic professional level.

What I didn't like

See above.

My overall impression

I don’t know how the other people leaving positive reviews on here could possibly have seen the same show as me. This production was an absolute train wreck. In fact, I can confidently say that I have never seen such a disastrous production on a stage with a paying audience in a somewhat professional setting. Maybe something was just going totally haywire on the day we saw it???
The lead actor was so off he could barely function onstage. I am thinking he was maybe high out of his mind (like for real on crack or meth), or maybe he was drunk? He didn’t know half his lines, didn’t know half the lyrics to the songs he was singing, missed at least half of his cues, seemed to be missing all of his needed pocket props, including one that I think was a cheat sheet for the lyrics of the last song, that other people needed to use too— so everyone onstage just mumbled made up lyrics to sing, or just stopped singing altogether and walked around doing nothing. The main guy also dropped most props he was attempting to handle, and his performance didn’t make emotional sense at all really. I spent a lot of time wondering if he might be autistic, which I am not saying disparagingly at all, but it might explain his behavior onstage. Also, he had no capacity to cover all the mistakes he made, and shook his head at himself each time he screwed up, confirming to us that each of the off things he did were in fact errors. I would also say that none of the emotional or narrative shifts were earned from him or the other characters, which is a writing flaw, but probably could have worked better if the actors had managed to elevate them more.
And finally, the relationships between the actors and the tech/light cues were also pretty catastrophic. I don’t know if this was the problem of the actors or the board op, but most of the show was actors still saying the lines of the scene in the black outs, and then doing all the furniture changes/getting into position ONCE THEY STAGE LIGHT WERE FULLY ON. It was pretty much the reverse of how you use blackouts onstage.

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