Narsociety - The Social Media Shaming Musical

musicals and operas · chris valenti entertainment · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 05, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Well … WOW. In recent times, this production has surpassed anything I have seen. Where to start? The storyline – never a dull moment, with buttons being pushed all the time – stellar story and script, rich lyrics, fun and creative music. A sweet romance with a charming Sadie (Bonnie), A hilarious, hysterical sense of humor bringing tears to our eyes, and guffaws to the annoyance of the people around us! (you can attribute that to the entire superb cast), current, real time reality – we recognize and know people like Carlos, Travis, Sadie, Kailyn, Sydney, Blair, and the entire supporting cast – almost frighteningly so, – and lastly serious subtle and not so subtle social comment on the harsh reality of social media. All portrayed with a wonderful script, lyrics and music. One of the best casts we have seen, too. This show, and Chris Valenti – as author, producer, director and star, should win many awards.

What I didn't like

Hard to say. We were so blown away by what we liked. We started with who was our favorite character. Well … Carlos, and Travis, and Sadie, and then, Blair (I went to college with her I think), and Kailyn, (I am sure that we see her every night on TV if not elsewhere), and, the ultimate Sydney. I know these people, I have worked with them, studied with them!!! Such rich characters..

My overall impression

WOW!!! I have not seen a play / musical of this caliber that I enjoyed on so many levels since, well forever. The book / script was extraordinarily well crafted, keeping the viewer on edge and attentive the entire play. There was not a dull moment. Your characters were all well-developed, well-rounded with depth. We discussed who we might like the best and found that all of the principals, and the supporting cast were just superb. A nice romance, hysterically funny (we have children and our work is very internet based), so we are VERY familiar with the drama created by social media, and more subtly, and richly done, is the overall social commentary that you expressed. We agree absolutely with your observations and portrayals of the social media issues and its negative impact on society. Of course, kudos to each cast member. We haven’t seen such a good team of well-selected multi-talented artists in a long time. And we recognized them (we know these people)!! Besides yourself, Sarah as Blair, Brian as Travis, Bonnie as Sadie, Larisa as Kailyn, Gabe as Sydney; and the supporting cast were so spot on, each in their own right better than who you might have used for their role model. Your script, your lyrics, the diversity of your music, with talented people was literally a tsunami of enjoyment and appreciation. I hope and wish you well with this work and cast. We are now total fans!!! Win many awards in many categories! A one week run isn’t enough. And yes, we are broadcasting to tell others to go see this. Thank you.

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