Cowboy Mouth

theatre · hungry river · Ages 15+ · United States

Cowboy Mouth is about Desire. A Desire for a human companion. A Desire for a god we can all understand. A Desire to fulfill the myth of the lone cowboy wandering the open plains, or the Rock and Roll icon whom everybody loves but nobody knows. A Desire to simultaneously reject and absorb everyone. It’s about a Desire to be everything all at once. Or a Desire to create something so perfect it will tell us who we are so we can stop dressing up in ourselves.

Cavale has kidnapped Slim with the dream of making him the Rock and Roll Savior, but something is getting in his way. Is it his wife and child? Cavale? Himself? The Lobster Man? Written in 1971 by Sam Shepard, this one-act play that borders on rock opera asks if we can really be everything we are all at once, or if our stage personas are the whole package.

Justin O’Neill as Slim, Claire Kaplan as Cavale, and Spencer Howard as The Lobster Man.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran