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Finding Your Archetypal Make Up - w/John Coppola

events & workshops · studio c artists · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 21, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: warm · Acting coach · stories · fun · archetypes · character

What I liked

Johnny is so in tune with who he is he easily flipped from archetype to archetype to show us examples of his technique in performance. He’s so charismatic that you easily fell under his spell. You could tell he was a kind, beautiful, generous person and really cares.

What I didn't like

This system is making me write something in here… I’ve no improvement suggestions!

My overall impression

John Coppola has a formula inspired by his career experiences and proven successful throughout the last 10 years. Through his technique he knocks you back to your basic archetypes which allows you bring YOU to a role. He helps you in your battle of ego vs soul, embrace your power, find your dark and light and get you vibrating on another level. His stories are wonderful. If you are looking to figure out your natural character inclinations and wish to explore how you can exploit them in performance this is certainly a great place to play.

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