Asylum's How to Produce a Hollywood Fringe Production

Events & Workshops · theater asylum · Ages 16+ · one person show · 180 mins · United States of America

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C.K. HOLLOWAY certified reviewer June 18, 2017
This was a very informative workshop by a very knowledgeable and easy going facilitator. Highly recommend any workshops that he gives about how to get your show up and running in the Fringe. ... full review
MARILYN HAESE certified reviewer October 23, 2022
Matthew's compilation of every single element that a Fringe show producer should worry about for the next eight months is on display in this forum. ... full review
ERIC DEPRIESTER certified reviewer February 12, 2019
A thorough workshop on everything you need to know about producing a Fringe show. Matthew Quinn runs through booking a space, publicity tips, estimated production costs, general logistics, and more, giving you all the tools you need to start without overwhelming you in information. As a newcomer to independent theater, this class was exactly what I needed to start my Fringe journey. ... full review
BRIAN MORRISON certified reviewer February 08, 2019
A ton of great information! Thank you Matt!... full review
SCOTT LANGER certified reviewer February 17, 2019
Incredibly helpful guide how to realize your vision at the fringe fest. A must-go for any first time fringer or anyone needed to buff up on the ins and outs of the festival.... full review
MATTHEW HENNIGAR certified reviewer February 20, 2019
This workshop is the perfect introduction for a first-time fringer! After attending Matthew Quinn's workshop, I felt completely prepared to produce my HFF show, even though I knew nothing about the festival or the process beforehand. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! ... full review
JAKE FERREE certified reviewer February 08, 2019
WoW. My brain is still on fire from the amount of info I was given in 3 hours! Any person looking to produce a Fringe show for the first or even second time should defiantly take this workshop. You will receive helpful hints, tips, and tricks as well as amazing spread sheets that help you budget and figure out a timeline for you and your production. Stop thinking you know everything and go! ... full review
HOLIDAY KINARD certified reviewer February 08, 2019
I'm a first time fringe producer and I highly recommend this workshop! When I went in, I knew nothing about HFF, and now I feel like I know everything! Also, Matthew Quinn (the instructor) goes to most of the events, so you'll automatically know at least one person there! ... full review
MATTHEW LATKIEWICZ certified reviewer February 09, 2019
Matthew Quinn's workshop/orientation on producing a show for fringe was informative and comprehensive. It is a great way for a first-time producer to get their head on straight about the journey ahead of them. ... full review