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How to Produce a Hollywood Fringe Show (Asylum)

theater asylum · Ages 16+ · one person show · 180 mins · United States of America

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How to Produce a Hollywood Fringe Show taught by Matthew Quinn

Excited about the thought of doing a show at HFF, but have concerns and questions?

Get the answers to your questions and an overview of the Hollywood Fringe in this 3 hour workshop, taught by Matthew Quinn, a 20+ year veteran producer/8 year HFF experienced Venue Manager.

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Aaron Vanek- Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale
“As a first time Fringe producer, I would have been completely adrift without Matt’s workshop. The timing was great, coming before the official HFF talks. This gave me a tiny head start that I absolutely needed.
The information was broad, not too specific—exactly what I needed. Also, Matt is extremely nice and was happy to stay in touch with me afterwards, and still stayed in touch even though I didn’t use his theater for my show.
If you haven’t done Fringe before, I’d say this is REQUIRED ATTENDANCE. If you have done Fringe but want to do better, it should still be REQUIRED.

Thea Rivera, first time Fringer, first time producer of Nothing Bad: A Werewolf Rock Musical, sold out 3 of 5 performances, including the preview, received Pick of the Fringe and Encore Award. “The workshops really helped me brace for what I was in for, which turned out to be REALLY ambitious, and yet, still doable. I certainly look forward to more informative workshop opportunities!”

Peter Foldy – Penetration
“Coming to fringe knowing little about theater production, this workshop was a great, early overview that covered all the important, need to know essentials of getting a play on it’s feet. It is conscience, comprehensive and highly informative. It helped me get a jump start on what needed to be done. Highly recommended!”

“A true embodiment of the word professional, Matthew Quinn will empower you with his detailed breakdown of each aspect of the production process for a Fringe show. This is an invaluable education which sets the foundation for a first-time producer to develop and present a successful show. In addition, Matthew creates a friendly atmosphere in which all of us shy, first-timers feel comfortable and confident enough to share our projects with each other and experience how fruitful and fun networking is.”

“Matthew was a very giving, very informative moderator with a wealth of information. Coming into my first Fringe, and not knowing the minutiae of how the festival runs, felt a lot more comfortable after this seminar that I can do this”

“I really enjoyed it and was very inspired. Matt covered a wide range of topics and concerns that were vital for a new fringe participant and was kind and extremely informative. I would do it again and DEFINITELY recommend it to any new comers like myself.”


Matthew Quinn – ​has been involved in theater production and venue management for over 20 years in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He created Combined Artform, as a production company in 1998 with Producer Bertha Rodriguez and has produced, co-produced, presented, booked and promoted hundreds of shows. As a venue, he ran The Next Stage (SF) 1998-2002. In 2002; he co-built Off Market Theater(SF). In 2007, he came to Hollywood and started Theatre Asylum, as a venue and presenter. Since the Hollywood Fringe onset in 2010, he has been an active player as an advisor, Theater Asylum was a “Super Venue” (with 8 venues and 84 shows presented in 2019). As a producer, he was involved in 13 shows including Top of the Fringe and Best Comedy “WOMEN” (w/Beth Dies) and “Pick of the Fringe” (w/Fringe Management). In 2010, Matthew started the ENCORE Awards, for “best of” Hollywood Fringe and in 2016 BEYOND ENCORES. From the ENCORES, he has co-produced extensions of Pulp Shakespeare, Pokemusical and Sunny Afternoon. Last year, he and Bertha Rodriguez partnered with Studio C Artists to explore stage to film/TV models. Starting in 2018 Matthew Quinn has become a West Coast scout, administrator /coordinator for the NYC FRINGE ENCORE SERIES at the NY SoHo Playhouse. He looks forward to the future of Fringe and Independent Theatre.

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