WORKING: the musical

musicals and operas · thetribe productions · Ages 0+ · United States

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WILL JAMES uncertified reviewer August 16, 2023
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TITO CHAVEZ uncertified reviewer June 20, 2011
I was dragged to see this show, and I couldn't be happier that I went. The singing was amazing, and that little theatre turned into a celebration of everyday working people that made me feel like we all deserve to be stars. The one downside was a long line at the bathroom during intermission, but the show itself was a 10 out of 10!... full review
SUSAN SHENG uncertified reviewer June 22, 2011
Thank you for the awesome show!... full review
AMANDA CHAVEZ uncertified reviewer June 20, 2011
I bought tickets to bring my husband and I loved it. I almost cried a couple of times (tender moments) but otherwise couldn't stop smiling or laughing! Amazing music with VOICES! The cast made the show...I can't stop thinking about it. We talked all the way home about how much we loved it, and the rest of the audience seemed to like it just as much.... full review
MERRIL SIMON uncertified reviewer June 20, 2011
Great performances by the actors. The intimate venue was perfect for this show. Performances were as good as any I've seen in bigger (and more costly) venues. Love love love that $ for the show was being collected for Goodwill. Will send donation to Goodwill in the show's name as it is a great cause that helps MANY. I encourage anyone who WORKS to see this show. I brought 20 graduate students with me and we had a great time (and took up 40% of the theater). Their final exam will include an analysis of the lyrics as they apply to a specific career development theory. (See, academics and life can intersect!!) The single restroom for each gender is not ideal, I agree, but just be aware and it is okay. Thanks to the actors/per... full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer June 28, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic for Stage and Cinema here. theTRIBE's simplistic production of an updated revision of WORKING - Stephen Schwartz' soapy musical adaptation of Studs Terkel's book - actually left an emotional impression, largely thanks to seasoned performers and a huge dose of earnestness and love. Yes, there is some amateur acting and silly dialects. Yes, the group numbers scream to be choreographed and the staging by Tony Oliver lacks finesse, but individual songs and monologues manage to capture our hearts, which is clearly the intention of this production. The show also came as a much-needed relief from other Hollywood Fringe entries that celebrated style over substance. WORKING, which is a series of vignettes based on actu... full review