Dissecting Tendencies

comedy · 2m reflections · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

Myriam and Mia are roommates and friends. Though the girls are pretty much polar opposites, somehow they find common ground in their struggle. Initially you might question whether these two should even be in the same room together, but soon you’ll realize that what they share goes far beyond what might separate them. Both in their early 20’s, our heroines go through a brief yet powerful journey, where they will find and need to slay, a powerful beast, we all eventually face – fear. All in the familiar and odd setting of their K-Town living room. Through different forms of artistic expressions, Myriam and Mia will take you on a journey through a reflective life of an artist, comedian, writer, poet, singer and most importantly a girl, with the constant struggle of “am I good enough” and “do I dare” looming over them, every step they take, as they push forward into adulthood. Much like the caterpillar shedding it’s cocoon, they need to dissect the tendencies of their past mistakes, shed them and transform into a strong, independent, and beautiful women.

Production Team

mia borowiak *

creator, writer, actress

myriam heith *

co-writer, actress

* Fringe Veteran