Ser: L.A. vs. B.A.

theatre · karen anzoategui and che'rae adams · Ages 13+ · United States

one person show

Karen Anzoategui tells her solo story through the politics of a soccer game. Soccer is utilized as a vehicle to understand Argentine and US politics and society. Landing in Los Angeles, this Argentine girl grows up in two different worlds, North America and South America. In Los Angeles, the cultural rivalry that exists between different Latino countries, specifically Argentina and Mexico, are put to play. The serious look at all the worlds is balanced by the comic view of family life that Karen grows up in. A visit from James Brown, a mother in flight along with her brothers who are always on the way to a soccer game, like a pilgrimage, to the soccer God, Diego Maradona. Karen has to come to terms with her sexuality as well as discovering what she really values. Having to decide who she is rooting for, and then to fight for her rights on all sides of the game, Karen Anzoategui’s solo show: Ser will take you through a journey as well as being a spectator in her world.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran