You Got It

solo performance · baltodano · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Justin is always a one-man-show. Now it’s just happening on a stage. Justin has been the Resident Musical Director of Millennium Dance Complex since 2002 and he’s like if Carol Channing and Steven Tyler had a Costa Rican baby.

You Got It is a fabulously entertaining journey into Justin’s one-of-a-kind world filled with nonagenarian land ladies and gladiator men. Poppy-Rocky-Swingy-Songy with a little bit of glam.

“Justin Kopplin is…utterly attention grabbing… giving a stand-out performance so good you wait eagerly for his next appearance.”

Creator | Writer | Co-Director | Producer | Star :: Justin Kopplin
Editor | Co-Director :: Ruth Gamble

#YouGotIt #hff2016 instagram :: @justinkopplin

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Production Team

justin kopplin *

writer | star | co-director

ruth gamble *


* Fringe Veteran