Language of the Heart

ensemble theatre · citizen changetheatre · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly

Seven strangers meet on the subway. When the train crashes, these very different people come together, share the secrets of their hearts, realizing that the crash, and someone who listens, is all their broken hearts needed.


Creates original theatre for The People. Our special focus is underserved communities. We find out their stories, in prisons, juvenile delinquent centers, runaway shelters, women shelters, homeless, drug & addiction centers, and give these stories a voice.

Our shows are based in physical comedy and heightened, sincere emotions. We employ live music to accompany and accentuate the actors and propel the story. We strive, in our stories and in our company, to embody and represent the diversity of Los Angeles.

Production Team

gina rose powell *

co-artistic director

brian powell *

co-artistic director

jef bek *

musical director

* Fringe Veteran