Blood From a Cheap Cigar

comedy · hollywood shorts · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 22, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

The intimacy that was created by the commitment of the actors and the intelligence of the script and the direction.

What I didn't like

That there wasn’t more.

My overall impression

An incredibly nuanced and personal glimpse inside an intense, damaged, ‘with or without you’ relationship, “Like Blood From a Cheap Cigar” fires on all cylinders from beginning to end.

The connection and commitment between Genevieve Joy and Joseph Reitman is palpable and astounding. Because of this, the story that unfolds feels more like a backstage pass into the bedroom of real people that you really know than it does a scripted play on a stage in a theatre.

Kimberly Browning’s smart and effortless direction allows the strength of Ms. Joy’s (incredible) script to come to life in an extremely visceral way.

While its billed as a comedy (and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments), this play is much, much more. Goosebumps is the only thing I can say about when we leave these two.

Extremely thought provoking and moving. Do yourself a favor and catch the last show on Friday!

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